Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tying a French Knot

Here we have the last part of the bow to complete before we can put the whole thing together. Just like the covered clip, a French Knot isn't completely necessary, you can just wrap the middle with the same 3/8" ribbon you used to cover the clip. But, I like the french knot because it gives the bow some character!

STEP 1: To start you'll need the same size and same color ribbon as the bow - 7/8".

Step 2: As opposed to folding the bow where we took the end over the top and let it hang to the right, this time, take it behind and let it hang to the left.  Then take that end and put it through the loop above.

STEP 3: Pull gently so your knot starts off looking like the one above.

STEP 4: I like to use my index fingers as guide to keep the ribbon from twisting in a direction I don't want it to go.

STEP 5: Tug gently on either end until the ribbon puckers just slightly in the middle.

STEP 6: Hold ribbon firmly between your fingers on one hand, and cut about 1 inch down from the knot.

STEP 7: Once again, heat seal both ends of the knot!

We've made it!  Now it's time to put our bow together!

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