Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Live and Learn

I've always said that practice makes perfect, and I learn faster from my mistakes than from the times I get it right (which isn't all that often!). With that said.....I learned a new trick the other day, and it has made a WORLD of difference on the outcome of my bows.


So here are a few changes to my first set of instuctions:

CHANGE #1: In my first post on bow instructions I was having you make all these marks, one in the center, up top, center again, etc. etc. But as I was folding my bows, I began to realize, that making the marks all over the place makes no difference. So, I changed it and now I make all my marks in the middle, like so....

CHANGE #2: This whole time - and by whole time, I mean for the past two years - I've been folding my bows with the last loop coming over the top and going down the front. Don't get me wrong, I still think the bows look great. BUT.....try doing this next set of instructions instead. The bow turns out ever cuter. Is that even a word? No? Okay, even more adorable then!

STEP 1: With the last loop, instead of going over and down the front, take the tail and put it through the 3rd loop, like so....

This is how it will look from the side.

This is who it will look from the front.

And the finished bow. See how the tail come from behind the loop?

It may not look like much of a difference, but the loops stay fluffy and are more symmetrical. So cute!

Now, go practice!

I'm on my way to cook some ribbon for korker bows!

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