Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Clippies

Just in time for Halloween!

You know, I was searching online for the instructions for these and I came across this one lady's website and she sold these clippies for $4.50! Let's be honest folks, that's a lot of money considering how E-A-S-Y these are to make! Really, you'll be amazed. In fact, just putting this one together it only took me about 15 minutes - and that includes the picture taking!

And before I go any further I have to point out that this is not my design. The design belongs to a lady named Michelle Cooper. I found her instructions here, but they were kind of blurry so I am recreating them just for you.

Now, let's get started.....

You'll need all the essentials: scissors, hot glue gun, measuring tape, lighter, alligator clip, and 3/8" ribbon in orange and green. For this I used the colors Pumpkin Pie and Apple Green just because I think they look cute, but you can use whichever colors you prefer!

Get out your trusty measuring tape and cut the ribbon into the lengths specified below.

And just ignore the incredibly crooked picture. Even Photoshop couldn't help me on that one. So here are the lengths again:

Pumpkin Pie: 3 and 3/4", 3 and 1/4", 2 and 7/8", 2 and 1/2", and 2".
Apple Green: 2 and 3/4", 1 and 1/4" (You'll also need 4" to cover your alligator clip!)

Don't forget to heat seal all your ends to prevent them from fraying.

Add a tiny line of glue to the end of each orange ribbon. Bring the other end around to make a circle and press the ends together.

This is what all your ribbons will look like when you are done.

Here is a closer look at the ends glued together.

Starting with the smallest orange ring, put a dab of glue on top where the ends meet and slide it into the ring that is slightly larger than it. Take those two rings and do the same thing with the next size up and so on until all the rings are glued inside the largest ring.

Next, take the 2 and 3/4" green ribbon, fold it in half and make a crease.

Add a dab of glue on the crease and bring the ends into the middle and press down to make two loops. And whatever you do, please ignore my incredibly dirty glue gun. I bought a new shiny one about a year ago and I hate it. So back to the old one.

Here's a better look at those loops....

Add another dab of glue where the ends are glued together and press on top of your pumpkin rings.

I put it right on top where all the rings meet, but you can put it off to the side too.

For the stem, take the 1 and 1/4" green ribbon, fold in half, and from the fold cut at a diagonal.

Be sure to heat seal the sides and ends where you cut. The sides will fray really easy if you aren't careful.

Put a tiny dab of glue at one end of the stem and bring the other end over to glue them together.

Another tiny dab goes on top of the leaves, and glue the stem down at a slight angle.

Now grab your ribbon covered clip and put your final dab of glue about 3/4" from the end (not the end that you open the clip with, the other end where it goes into your daughter's hair.)

Press your pumpkin down right where all the rings are glued together. I like to do mine at a slight angle. Surprisingly, it holds really well.

And there you have it! A Pumpkin Clippie!

Now, go tell all your friends, and brag about how easy it was to make this clip!

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