Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ribbon Art

A couple of weeks ago I found these Disney Princess Clippies on a website. They are made by someone who didn't leave instructions, so you have to buy them. But aren't they amazing? I almost want to try and teach myself to make them.

And speaking of instructions, I found some on a freebie website to make little pumpkin clippies. They looked cute online, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

And guess what?

It's adorable in real life!

See what I mean? Even Brooklyn begged to wear it today. Can you blame her? If it was socially acceptable for a 30 year old, mother of two to wear a pumpkin clippie, I would have just worn it myself.

The directions are not my own, but I will be posting pictures soon on how to make it, along with other fun ribbon art!


Brooke said...

Thanks for sharing all of your ideas. I make my bows a little different, and it's hard to teach a old dog new tricks. But I have never marked my ribbon, Never even crossed my mind. You bet I do now! Easier to get even loops.

LOVE THE pumpkin!

Jessica said...

I've seen those princess ones before and I didn't think it would be too hard to figure it out. So if I think that, I KNOW you could do it because you are so good. Plus I'd bet yours would be cuter than theirs. That pumpkin is cute. I've found sites that teach you that and lady bugs and bees. I should find it and share it with you.

Megan said...

I just made the pumpkins...well a little diff. version but the same idea. SO CUTE! Thanks for posting. I think I am going to try and recreate the princess ones maybe with our 2 heads together we can get it! (well you are so good you can get it yourself) I did find the Tinkerbell one for free if you would like I will share...:)