Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Minnie Mouse Clippie

With the giveaway underway I figured it would give me time to get these Minnie Mouse Clippie instructions posted. As I was making the bow yesterday, Brooklyn was looking on. Her eyes got wide with excitement when she finally realized what I was putting together. Even my 22 year old sister said she'd wear this Minnie Mouse clippie in her hair if it was socially acceptable.

To start off you'll need these items: 3/8" black grosgrain ribbon, 3/8" red grosgrain ribbon, 3/8" red grosgrain ribbon with white swiss dots, 1/8" red satin ribbon, alligator clip, hot glue gun, scissors, measuring tape, and of course the lighter to seal the ends.

Start by cutting the black ribbon into 3 sizes for the head: 3.75 inches, 3 inches, and 2.25 inches.

For the ears you'll need two of each: 2 inches (x2), and 1.5 inches (x2)

Finally, cut all your red ribbons. The red with white dots needs to 1.5 inches long, the solid red needs to be 4 inches long, and the red satin ribbon needs to be approximately 6 inches (or at least long enough to work with).

**And don't forget to heat seal all ends with the lighter!

Using your hot melt glue, attach your ribbon to the alligator clip.

Add a tiny line of glue to the tip of each black ribbon.

(You know, as I was looking at these pictures I realized that I'm in serious need of a manicure. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I had one. I started having kids and manicures went out the window.....)

Bring other end around and press together to make a circle. Repeat these two steps for all of the black ribbons.

Once all the black "circles" for the head are made, add a small dab of glue to the top of smallest one(I like to put it right where the ends meet so that you can hide them when you glue it all together) and slide into the circle just larger.

Repeat again sliding the two small circles into the largest circle.

Do this same step for both of the ears.

Here is what the head and ears should look like before they are attached.

Add another dab of glue to the ears where those messy ends meet.

Press them to the head slightly off to the side. Do this again with the other set of ears on the other side of the head.

And there you have Mouse Ears. Now, if you want to just have Mickey Mouse rather than Minnie, you can attach this cute little head to your ribbon covered clip and you're good to go. For those wanting to do Minnie, stay with me.....

Take your red ribbon with dots and turn over and add that small line of glue again. Now....some swiss dot ribbons have those polkas on both sides, mine doesn't that's why it looks solid.

Bring the other end around and make a circle.

Using your thumb and forefinger, press the ends down to flatten the circle a bit. And make sure that you slide the ends that are glued together off to one side, otherwise your cute little bow won't cinch in the middle. I like to slide them as close to one of the pinched sides as I can get.

Grab that 6 inches of satin ribbon and lay it down on the table and lay the ribbon for the bow on top of it. You want to make sure the glued ends are facing up at this point. The knot and the glued ends should be on the same side so it will be hidden once it is glued to Minnie's head.

These next couple steps take a lot of coordination, and I will admit that I've had to use my teeth a few times with this one.

Carefully begin to tie the satin ribbon around the middle of the bow. Once you see that it is in the middle pull tight tight tight so you can cinch that middle part down as much as possible. Use your fingers on one hand to hold it and tie a second knot to make it stay.

Here's the back of Minnie's bow. Cute, huh?

Take your scissors and trim the ends. Try and get as close to the knot as you can without causing it to come untied. That's a lesson I had to learn the hard way!

Add a dab of glue right on top of that knot.

Turn the bow over and press it down right under one of Minnie's ears. I like to put it to the left, but you can do it on the right or in the middle. Whatever you prefer.

Grab that alligator clip you lined at the beginning and add a small strip of glue to the top.

Press Minnie's head, right where the ears and head meet, into the glue and hold until the glue sets.

And there's the obligatory shot from behind.

And the finished product! Isn't she cute?!

Now....before you run off to buy your supplies, be sure to leave a comment here so you can be entered into the Giveaway! You won't want to miss it!


Dale and Shanell said...

I can't wait to get started! What fun!

Mrs. Dub said...

So I'm dumb and have never looked at your bow blog until today, and my jaw is now on the floor in shock. You are amazing! Now I have to add "become a bow-maker" to my to-do list, although buying some from you would be much easier (and prettier).

Remember the little people when you're famous!

p.s. Send some to famous peeps. One pap shot and you'll be huge!