Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Tinkerbell Clippie

So who's excited about these Tinkerbell instructions?! I really think you guys are going to like these. I will admit that ribbon art is definitely time consuming, but the end product is awesome! So be sure to stick with it.


Before I go on, I need to preface this post by saying I did not purchase instructions from anywhere. The following instructions and pictures are my own, ones that I came up with because they worked for me. I saw a picture of one of these clippies and with the help of a friend worked to make my own Tinkerbell. Feel free to pass these instructions on to friends, but I do ask that you give credit where credit is due, and link back to my site! Thanks!

To start off you'll need these supplies: 3/8" grosgrain ribbon in ivory, apple green, and banana, 1/4" organza ribbon in white, alligator clip, glue gun, measuring tape, scissors, and a lighter.

Follow the above figures for cutting your ribbon lengths. Go ahead and heat seal all your ends with the exception of the ribbon for the skirt and arms. We will be trimming those, so wait until they are trimmed before heat sealing them.

Take your 4 inch ivory ribbon and fold it at the 2 and 5/8" mark. Be sure to press hard enough to make a crease.

Open up the ribbon. Take your glue gun and add about 1/4" of glue starting from the crease down.

Bring the short end of the ribbon and roll it under so that the end meets the crease, and press down firmly. This forms Tinkerbell's head. This is also the same way to form all the other heads for the remaining princesses.

Now, take your 2 inch apple green ribbon and fold in half.

Using your scissors cut from the center out towards the end of the ribbon.

Before letting go, heat seal the ends while they are still folded.

The end should look like a fish tail.

Do the same thing on the opposite end, as well as t he other 2 inch ribbons.

Take one of your fish-tailed 2 inch ribbons and fold in half at a slight angle. You want to do it just enough so that the ends are barely touching. And make a crease.

Open ribbon up and add a tiny dot of glue on the crease.

Fold back together again and press firmly to set the glue. For instruction pusposes we'll call this Skirt 1

Follow the same steps for Skirt 2 and Skirt 3. Skirt 2 should be a little wider.

Skirt 3 should be the widest.

Set your skirt pieces aside and get your apple green ribbon that is 3/4" long. Once you have it fold it in half and make a crease.

On one end of the crease add a small dab of glue.

Attach this ribbon to the bottom of the body. You can start either on the back or the front.

Once it is set, add another dab of glue and fold ribbon over onto the opposite side.

Now Tinkerbell has shoes!

Take Skirt 3 and add a tiny dot of glue to the back. Attach it to the body a litte more than halfway up.

Do the same thing with Skirt 1 but glue it on top of Skirt 3.

Be sure to attach them high enough so that there is space between the skirt at the shoes.

The last piece is Skirt 2.

As you can see it should fill in that empty space between Skirt 3 and Skirt 1.

Take the 1 and 1/4" green ribbon and add a dab of glue to one end.

Attach it to the back of the body just above the skirt line.

Add another dab of glue to the other end.

Bring the shirt around and glue it behind the body.

Here's what your Tinkerbell should look like thus far.

Now let's do the arms. Grab your 2" ivory ribbon and fold so the ends are wide. Again, be sure to crease the ribbon.

Open up the ribbon and add a dab of glue.

Fold together again and press firmly to set the glue.

To make the hands you want to cut from the outside end in towards the middle.

Do the same thing on both sides so that your arms will look like this. And, as always, heat seal the ends.

Put a dab of glue right in the middle of the arms.

Glue them to the back right behind the shirt. You might also want to line them up with the shirt if possible.

Now, for the wings! I didn't give a measurement earlier, so you will want to cut 14 inches of the 1/4" organza ribbon. There will be no tails like the basic bow, so just bring the one end around and set in the middle.

For the second loop try and match up the size as best as possible. Your wings should look something like this with the long tail going towards the first loop.

Bring the ribbon behind and make a slightly smaller loop.

Finally, bring that last tail up and set it in the middle.

At this point you can use a needle and thread to hold the wings together. However, I've found that adding a dab of hot glue and then pressing it down with your thumb and finger (careful it will be HOT!) the glue goes through the ribbon and holds it all together just fine.

Can you see the glue in the middle?

Add another dab of glue to the middle.

Glue the wings right behind the arms.

We're getting there! Now for the hair. Take your banana ribbon that is 2 and 1/4" long and fold in half leaving one end slightly longer that the other.

Open up the ribbon and put a line of glue right on the crease.

Fold both ends into the glue. You will see that one loop will be bigger than the other. This is going to be Tinkerbell's bun.

Add another dab of glue right onto where the ends were glued.

Attach to the head. I like to attach it closer to the forehead rather than the crown of the head.

Now, grab that last piece of ribbon - the banana colored 2" ribbon. Add a dab of glue to one end.

Glue it at a slight angle to the back of the head.

On the other end, add another dab of glue.

Bring the ribbon around over the bun and bangs and glue this end to the back of the head as well.

Take your scissors and we are going to trim Tinkerbell's shoes. Start slightly off from the center and cut out. Be sure to do the same thing on the other side.

And don't forget to heat seal those trimmed shoes!

Here's a look at your Tinkerbell so far!

This nifty stuff is an embellishing glue that you can get at Michael's. I use it to attach the Swarovski crystals to my Disney Princesses.

Put a teeny tiny dab in the middle of the skirt.

Carefully add a 4mm Swarovski crystal right on top of the embellishing glue. But be careful because it takes awhile for this glue to dry. Once it does it holds great, but until then the crystal might fall off. I learned that the hard way when I tried attaching my Tink to the clip last week. So, if you can, hold of on the crystal until the very end.

Grab your ribbon covered clip (you can use whichever color you prefer to cover it, I just used ivory so it would match Tink's body) and put a line of glue down it.

I attach my Tinkerbell to the clip with the head up towards the end you pinch to open the clip. This means it has to go in the hair down rather than up, but I like that it bends the head slightly.

VOILA! Tinkerbell!


angela said...

Honestly, I am in total awe! I cannot wait to try these! I used to live in your parents ward a long time ago- we moved over 6 years ago. I love your family. I found your website from the Goold's blog. Thanks SO much for sharing!
Angela McKellar

Patti said...

ashby that is so cute!! You are so creative!

Deanne said...

You are seriously talented! I don't think my attempt will turn out nearly as perfect! Who am I kidding, I'm not even going to attempt it. =)

Thanks for sharing though.

Corri Havlicek said...

Hi Ashby,
I saw your link on Corie's blog and just love the Tinkerbell bow. That is really well done! When you move back to Winslow you need to have a bow party! Thanks for sharing.

Mama said...

i love this blog. i heard about it from my cousin kyla. thanks so much. this clip is co cute!

Laura said...

WOW! You are amazing and very creative... Thx for the detailed instructions.